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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Graphite Drawing of a Chaffinch

By way of a diversification from my cardmaking projects I thought I might showcase one or two of my graphite drawings.  I've wanted to be able to draw since I was small, but never really got to grips with it, however I decided to have another try in recent years.  Most of what I draw I copy from images in books or from the internet using techniques I've picked up from books and online.  This particular drawing is one of my favourites as I love chaffinches.  We often have them feeding in our garden and they are such pretty birds.  This particular image I copied from a drawing I found on the web somewhere.

I hope you like my drawing and I will post more of them soon.

Thank you for looking.

Beth. xxx

2 lovely comments:

Marjorie's Owl said...

That is beautiful Beth.
Susan x

Lady Dragoness said...

I love this little bird. It's beautiful.

As for drawing from books, I do lots of that too. It's the way to learn from the expertise of other artists without them being present. I just brought home a book with lots of lessons on painting birds. That artist uses oil paints, but I should still be able to do some of those birds in watercolor or graphite.

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Beth. xxx